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Holy Trinity/Our Faith


Our faith

'With God, all things are possible'
Matthew 19:26

At the heart of our faith is the belief in the Trinity, which means God the 3 in 1, Father, Son and Holy Spirit. In the Christian faith we believe that Jesus is God’s Son. Jesus reveals to us that God is our Father, and that God works in our lives through the power of the Holy Spirit. 

We affirm and declare our faith from the beginning of our journey with God in Baptism. We confirm this through the words of the Creed and Decision. We continue to live this out for the rest of our lives and seek where God is at work in the world we live in, our personal lives and the lives of others. 

In faith we connect with God who holds all things together. We find our faith in the everyday, in the joy and love, but also in the challenges and conflicts we face.

In his ministry Jesus was open to learning and growing, like the disciples, and we are on a continuous journey of learning and growing to be faithful disciples of Christ together as a community. It is important for us to keep open minds and ask questions of our faith to gain a wider understanding.

'This is my commandment, that you love one another as I have loved you'

(John 15:12)

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