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The church has to pay its way like any other business. Our most significant expense is the ‘Parish Share’, which every church has to pay to the Diocese to fund the clergy and Diocesan activities that help us to share the faith. In our case the parish share is over £20,000 per year. We also naturally have our own running expenses to cover: the heat and lighting, insurance, and maintenance of the buildings, as well as the consumables such as wine and wafers for communion.


Your help would be much appreciated to keep the church going, so it is here for everyone in their time of need or when they want to celebrate a birth or wedding, for example. Here are the ways you can contribute:


Making a Donation

Making a donation, either through the collection plate when you visit or attend a service, or if it is for a special purpose or in memory of a loved one, you can get in touch with the vicar or churchwardens.


Generous Giving Scheme​

Joining the Generous Giving Scheme is a commitment to give regularly to the Church.  There are two ways in which you can give under the scheme:

  • By Standing Order

  • By cash or cheque in a designated envelope


The envelope scheme is a convenient way of giving regularly.  A book of envelopes is provided, dated for every Sunday in the year.  You can place money in the envelopes each week and bring them whenever you attend church.  This gives us a regular income which is very important to us - the Church is there every Sunday, and its work goes on throughout the week, so we need the financial security that regular giving brings.

The scheme is confidential - envelopes are numbered and the person opening the envelopes does not know which number belongs to which person.  If you complete a Gift Aid declaration (see next box) only the Treasurer will know how much you have given.

If you have any questions please contact our Treasurer Anne Todd or our GGS Officer Linda Roberts, who will be delighted to assist you.

Gift Aid
Are you a taxpayer?

If you pay tax, Gift Aid makes it easy for you to substantially increase the value of any donation you make (including the Free Will Offering scheme) at no extra cost to yourself.  Just complete the Gift Aid declaration form (available from church) and leave the rest to us.


We can claim tax back on your donation, boosting it by 25%!  So if you pay £5 per week as a FWO, we can gain an extra £1.25 per week from the Inland Revenue.  That has to be satisfying, doesn't it?



If you are not part of the FWO Scheme, or if you are and wish to make additional contributions as part of other fundraising initiatives, please put your donations in one of the yellow envelopes at the back of church and add your name with a tick in the Gift Aid box so we know it needs to be included in the Gift Aid claim.


You must pay at least as much tax on your income as we will be claiming each year on your donations.


Making a Bequest in your Will

Making a bequest in your will, specifying Holy Trinity Church Seaton Carew. In the past such bequests have been crucial in helping us keep the church in good order.