In baptism, parents thank God for his gift of life, make a decision to start the child on the journey of faith and ask for the Church’s support.


Confirmation marks the point in the Christian journey when you affirm the faith into which you were baptised.

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Today more than a quarter of all marriages in England take place before God in the traditional setting of a Church of England church.


You’re welcome to marry in church whatever your beliefs, whether or not you are baptised and whether or not you go to church.


A funeral marks the close of a human life on earth.


It is the opportunity for friends and family to express their grief, to give thanks for the life which has now completed its journey in this world.


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Holy Baptism is administered on the first Sunday of each month. To book a date, please ask for Jackie Hamilton at the end of a Sunday 11 am service.


What is Baptism about?

Baptism is about becoming a member of Christ’s church. At first, it was for adults, but later Christian parents wanted their children baptising too, so the practice has grown up of children of Christian parents being baptised as babies. It implies that parents are in the Christian faith themselves. We all need God’s forgiveness, and baptism speaks to us of washing and cleansing, using the symbol of water in the font and the pouring of water over the child’s head. Our forgiveness cost Jesus his life on the cross and God offers us a new life as WE turn to him. This is the symbol of the lighted candle.

Why have your child baptised?

Baptism will help your child grow up as a Christian. Baptism is certainly a good start, but it needs to be followed up by a Christian upbringing, that’s why parents play an important part in baptism. Your child will rely on you to teach him/her by your own example. That’s what parents promise to do at baptism.

Why do we have Godparents?

Because your baby is too young to understand what baptism means. The parents and godparents make promises on the child’s behalf. The Godparents themselves must be baptised. Choose your Godparents carefully because they will help you bring up your child in the Christian faith.

Will we have to attend church as a condition of baptism?

We certainly like to encourage you to do this as a way of welcoming you in the family of the church: the family into which your child is to be baptised. Of course, we can’t insist, but those families who do come, tell us that they feel more at home when the baptism day arrives. Many families discover that they really DO want to belong to the Parish Church and are grateful for the encouragement they receive while preparing for their child’s baptism.

It is a privilege to be asked to share with you and your family in the Christian upbringing of your child. It is a responsibility because we want to provide you, the parents and your baby’s godparents, with a proper opportunity to prepare for the promises which you will have to take at the Baptism.

Arrangements for Baptism can be made after the Sunday Family Communion service which finishes at approx. noon, by asking for Jackie Hamilton.


For information about weddings or to have your banns read, please see Joanne Sibly or Adrienne Peterson at the end of a Sunday 11 am service.

Banns Of Marriage

If your wedding is booked at Holy Trinity Seaton Care, Banns of Marriage are automatically read here, but if one of you lives outside of the parish of Seaton Carew, then Banns must also be read at the Church of England Church of the parish in which that person lives. It takes three consecutive weeks to call banns and they can only be read within the three months period prior to the wedding.

When banns have been read in another parish, a certificate will be issued and this must be handed to the Vicar of Seaton Carew. Please note that you are responsible for arranging for the banns to be called in another parish. This completes all the legal requirements by the State and the Church of England. The Church of England, being the State Church, requires no Registrar’s Certificate because the Vicar of the parish is the registrar for all marriages conducted in his church.


Your official photographer may take photographs before and after the service and in the vestry during the signing of the register. If s/he has not previously photographed weddings at Holy Trinity, s/he should speak to the Vicar half an hour before the service to check any special requirements.

Recording a Wedding at Holy Trinity Church

Filming your wedding is a wonderful way to present the memories of your special day - it flashes by and it is valuable to be able to see it again over the years to come.

As well as considering a professional videographer, many of your guests may have cameras and/or phone cameras of their own too, and may share those recordings with others, for example on social networking sites.
Regardless of who is doing the filming, there are legal considerations when filming a public event like a wedding, especially if musicians and music are part of the recording.

The Legalities
There are two common elements of a wedding service where copyright permission may be required: Order of Service and Recording the Service.

Orders of service 
When an order of service is prepared, the church is responsible for ensuring copyright permission has been obtained and full acknowledgements included where appropriate, if the design and printing of the sheets have been arranged by the family concerned.

Preparing an Order of Service
It is important to be aware of the copyright implications for each element that is included. 


For example: Hymns and Music
There are normally copyright implications whenever you reproduce the words and/or music of hymns or worship songs. The Church Copyright Licence (CCLI) is the most convenient way of obtaining permission to reproduce most hymns and songs. Permission to reproduce a song can also be obtained directly from the copyright owner. No permission is needed for hymns which are Public Domain. 

Details of the copyright owners of each song or hymn should be given beneath the words, including the author, the publisher and our CCLI licence number. For example: Fred Smiley © 2000 Happy Music Ltd, CCLI Licence No: 12345


Recording the Service
When a service is recorded during which pre-recorded music is performed, permission or a licence is usually required.


Live Performance and Playing Commercial Music Recordings
Phonographic Performance Ltd (PPL) and PRS for Music have both waived the requirement for music performance licences during Acts of Worship which includes weddings. This means both live music and music recordings can be
freely played in these services.

Recording Church Weddings 
If the service is recorded, whether by a family member or a professional videographer, any live music performances or commercial music recordings captured (or dubbed on afterwards in post-production) will require permission. The Limited Manufacture Licence from PRS for Music is the best way to obtain this. Visit for details. 

Holy Trinity Church, Seaton Carew holds a Church Copyright Licence but DOES  NOT hold a Limited Manufacture Licence from PRS.

Therefore if you intend to record the whole of your wedding in church, you will need a Limited Manufacture Licence from PRS  and it is your responsibility to provide us with evidence that this licence is in place.

If you only want to record the actual wedding ceremony without any music you do not need this licence.

When you book your wedding, please ask for information regarding licences.


Please liaise with the organist at least one month before the wedding to discuss the music for your service. The church choir can sing an item while the bridal party is signing registers in the vestry as well as augmenting the singing of your hymns. Please see the list below of popular songs in the choir’s repertoire. Our photo gallery also includes videos of the choir at different services. Special requests of appropriate songs may be made with at least two months’ notice.

Service Sheets        

If you are having service sheets printed, please ensure that they are delivered to church at least 30 minutes before the service begins. You may leave them with the Vicar at the wedding rehearsal, if you wish.

Our choir can sing the following songs at your wedding: 

Footprints in the sand 

Make You Feel My Love 

More than words 

All things bright and beautiful (Rutter) 

Amazing Grace 

Angel Sarah McLoughlin 

Beauty and the Beast 

Can You feel the love tonight 

Fields of Gold 

Irish Blessing 

Love Changes Everything  

Next to Me 

Oh, Happy Day 

Rule the World 

Seasons of Love 

The Rose 

A Thousand Years  

The Lord's My Shepherd (Vicar of Dibley) 

Pie Jesu 

Ave Verum Corpus 

Wherever You Will Go 

You Raise Me Up


If you wish to place any flowers in church, please make prior arrangement to do this. Flowers placed in church are not to be removed after the service.

Car Parking

There is limited parking space at the west end of the church for elderly or disabled guests and for the bridegroom and best man, if they use private transport.

May God bless you on your Wedding Day and in your life together.

Other Occasions

To enquire about other occasions please contact us

These include:

Adult Baptisms