Lent 2020

Message from the Vicar

Soon after moving to Seaton Carew I went along to register with my local Doctors’ surgery thinking that it would be a simple five minute job. It wasn’t! Twenty minutes later I emerged holding a collection of leaflets about the dangers of smoking, drinking and unhealthy eating and with an appointment to return and attend a “well person clinic” for a health check.

Our society today is much more health conscious than it was even a generation ago and this is a good thing. There is now strong evidence that there has been a change of culture in peoples’ lifestyles which is resulting, generally, in healthier lives.

Wouldn’t it be good if we could have a spiritual health check aswell? Well the good news is that we can; it’s called Lent. In the weeks leading up to Easter we are encouraged by self -examination to take a good long look at our spiritual lifestyles and diet and put them right. Like any medical examination work from the top down. Think about the head, how are our thoughts? The Bible tells us to think only about good and wholesome things. Are there any thoughts that we might want to say sorry to God for? How about our eyes? How do we look at people – critically or as children of God made in his image? How about our ears- are we deaf to the needs and cries of those around us? How about our mouth? Have we hurt and damaged others with harsh untrue words? Do we have any heart problems? Are we loving and kind to those around us? How about our hands? Have we used them to help or to damage, to build up or tear down? What about our feet? Are they taking us in the right direction towards God or away from Him?

During Lent we are encouraged to give ourselves a thorough examination and to turn away from those things that are damaging our spiritual health (it’s called repentance) and to dedicate ourselves anew to living the sort of lives and being the sort of people that God wants us to be.

Best Wishes,

Rev. Philip


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