New Information from Our Bishops

Lockdown restrictions from 5th November:

You will be aware that lockdown measures began from today.

The headlines messages are that churches can be open for individual prayer, and for the streaming of services by a minister, or the recording of such services; however, all public worship services and other gatherings are now illegal (unless covered by specific exemptions (see the general guidance at ).

While our Archbishops along with other faith leaders have challenged the government over the rationale for this, it does not seem that other exemptions for places of worship will be agreed by the government.


Many of our questions currently will be around Remembrance. All the guidelines that were valid before today (i.e. what was possible in the Tiered system) no longer apply. Clearly, worship gatherings in church are not going to be allowed. Guidance on outdoor Remembrance gatherings is found at:

This states that, “Local Authorities in England and faith leaders can organise outdoor Remembrance Sunday events at a public war memorial or cenotaph, if you complete a COVID-19 risk assessment and take all reasonable measures to limit the risk of transmission of the virus.” However, you need to read the rest of the guidance around attendance and details of such events, please.

Thank you:

We will send more send more detailed guidance about church activities under the new lockdown restrictions when guidance is made available to us.

We continue to thank you for all you are doing., and this comes with our best wishes,

Archdeacons, Rick, Bob and Libby


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