Publication Day for Local Author

Publication day is here and I’m celebrating! It’s been a long journey but at last my novel is out in the world. What a wonderful feeling it is to hold a copy in my hands and know that my story will be read by others.

‘A Borrowed Past’ was inspired by my local area. Seaton Carew was a seaside village in its early days, which became a thriving resort once the railways opened up travel to the day trippers. It was a very close-knit community, even though there were class differences, and the church was pretty central to village life.

Shipwrecks on the rocks off the shore were a regular occurrence, and the lifeboat crew volunteers were certainly kept busy. The sea is a very important ‘character’ in my novel. William Harper’s father is building a shipping business, but most of my other characters have fairly humble origins, with occupations such as a baker, labourer and boat repairer. I won’t reveal too much – no plot spoilers here!

The plot of ‘A Borrowed Past’ also takes my hero to York, Scarborough and Whitby, three places I love to visit for their rich history and heritage. One of the most enjoyable activities in being a novelist of historical fiction is to immerse yourself in the locations and find people who can help you imagine how it was in the period.

I’ll be sharing some of my research on this blog and revealing the aspects of the book that are fact and which bits I’ve made up.

While publication day is special, I’ve been lucky throughout my writing journey to have support from a wonderful community of fellow writers. The acknowledgements section at the back of the book explains more; so many people have helped me in many different ways. Thank you to everyone.

As part of my launch, on Monday 2nd March I’m talking to Tara Greaves about my book, as part of her blog series ‘Behind the Book’.

I’m already writing the second book in the series, and will be keeping you up to date with my progress and letting you know little snippets of what it’s about in the coming months.

I’m celebrating publication day with a local author friend over lunch and will probably spend the rest of the day with a huge smile on my face!

The links to buy the book are below, or go to my book's page.

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Ebook on all retailers:

Reviews are really important to authors, helping us spread the message to other readers, so if you could spare the time to leave a review once you’ve read it, I would be very grateful.

Until next time, happy reading!



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