Remembrance Sunday

Good morning everyone. As you probably know by now we are not allowed to hold acts of worship in our building apart from funerals. We are though allowed to open for private prayer. I will continue to open the church on Mondays at midday and Sundays at 11.00am for private prayer only. Roy Griffith has kindly agreed to be in attendance this Sunday (Remembrance Sunday) from 10 45 for private prayer during the national remembrance. Outdoor remembrance events are now permitted as long as they are correctly distanced but it is too late for us now to change our plans. There can be a short ceremony at the Seafarers memorial though. I have asked Roy if he will do this for us. This year I am due to be with Greatham.

Thankyou for your help everyone. Remember we are still God's people in this place and have a duty to pray for our community and each other. National life may change for the next few weeks but God's love will not .


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