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Belief in God as Father, Son and Holy Spirit is at the heart of our faith. Christians believe that Jesus is God’s Son. Jesus reveals to us that God is our Father, and that God is available to us through the Holy Spirit. 

You won’t ever be asked if you completely understand all this. But you are asked whether you believe and trust. This is called faith. It is a different sort of knowledge. It is the knowledge of being known and loved, and of loving in return.

The Christian faith is not a human invention. There are signs of God’s existence and handiwork in creation for anyone to read (Acts 14.15–17). But we believe in the way we do because God has come to seek us out and has made himself known to us. 

God has revealed himself through the Bible. God has revealed himself most clearly through the gift of his Son, Jesus Christ.

God makes himself known personally to each believer through the work of the Holy Spirit.

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Feel free to use some of the prayers below, or to amend them for your own purposes:

My God in heaven, let me be quiet and patient as I listen to Your words over all others, some of which might take me away from you. Let me hear Your divine poetry in my joys and sorrows, in my work and leisure. Let me listen to your voice as often as I can, until I’m familiar with Your ways. Amen.


Almighty God, help me to remember that I am a unique creation. Help me not to be envious enough to compare myself with other people. Teach me Lord the right way to make use of the gifts and talents you have blessed me with. Help me to make full use of them. Help me to inspire others and make them successful. Help me to be generous in my praises for others who put their talents to good use. Help me to appreciate the effort and not the achievement itself. Amen.


Lord, light up my path

And guide me through my ways.

I am your lamb and you are my shepherd.

I always want to be with you

Today, tomorrow and forever.

I know Lord, that your task is greater than mine.

I pray that you will always make me keep you in my sight,

and not lose sight of your plans for us.

Let our work here on earth be guided and inspired by your light.

Help us to live our lives fully, with our strength coming from you

To be able to fulfil your laws.



Lord, look into my heart and see my desires and the way that I am living my life today. Help me to see the truth of a righteous life. Help me to remember Lord that you will always be with me even when I am friendless and alone. Help me to remember your countless mercies as I wait for Your compassion towards my loneliness. Help me to have a contented heart for the abundant blessings that You provide, always. Amen.